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The Bathroom Light Purchasing Tips

Posted by Melodyhome on August 01, 2013 10:24 AM

Today I will tell you some tips about bathroom light purchasing. When the water or water steam suddenly poured into the heated electric light bulb, the lamp surface temperature will instantly change. Then there will be the "thermal expansion" phenomenon.

And if the bulb surface temperature and water temperature gap is growing, it will suddenly cool the surface of the lamp. Then the bathroom incandescent explosion may happen.

bathroom light1

Experts warned that you need to pay attention to bathroom light purchasing. We should not install the bathroom incandescent. If you must install it, then stay away from the tap or shower head. In summer, parents should stop children using water injection tool to jet the working light bulb to avoid accidents.

So in the bathroom or kitchen, what kind of light is the best? In the bathroom and kitchen, the light intensity requirements are lower. You can choose the appropriate wattage CFL or LED cold water.

bathroom light2

Bathroom light purchasing has many skills. Bathroom is a great space for privacy, so in a small area of bathroom, the lighting should be installed in the middle of the ceiling. For a large bathroom, it is available to use the wall light or ceiling recessed lights. In addition, the lamps must have a reliable water resistance and security.

Mr Lin reminds consumers to pay attention to the light when buy it. Customers should buy lighting according to its own actual situation. Pay attention to choose the formal manufacturers of qualified products. Do not buy cheap products at the flea market.

In addition, you need also pay attention to another point. In your bathroom light purchasing, the general energy-saving lamps are not dimmable, which can only be used for ordinary switch. So you must choose a special dimmable energy saving lamps. Next time you buy light for the bathroom, you may know how to choose the light,

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