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Technology Innovation is the Priority of Energy-Saving Windows Development

Posted by Melodyhome on August 08, 2013 05:59 PM

Technology innovation is the priority of the development of energy-saving windows and doors. In addition, the energy saving effect of the good performance windows and doors cannot be underestimated.

According to the statistics, a set of containing eight exterior windows room, if you use heat insulated windows, then in 20 years, you can save more than $800 of the cooling and heating costs compared to the ordinary windows.

         energy-saving windows1
China Construction Metal Structure Association Committee has done a research, which shows that the current consumer demand for windows and doors has become increasingly tend to the functionality, and can adapt to different climatic conditions in different regions. So the   systems with different functions energy- saving windows and doors will have a huge market space.

            energy-saving windows2

Energy-saving windows and doors is the key to the building energy-saving

"Every family has doors and windows, but few people are willing to concern about that. They only know that the shelter winders and doors are just a tool in building, but they don’t know that energy-saving windows and doors play a very important role in building energy-saving." China Construction Metal Structure Association Committee Panguan Jun pointed. 

            energy-saving windows3

In the three energy consumption in the whole society, building energy consumption accounts for over 40% of total energy consumption, while the energy through windows and doors account for nearly half of total building energy consumption. Energy-saving windows are so important in the building energy-saving.

            energy-saving windows4

"In the building energy efficiency, energy-saving windows and doors are the key. But in a long time, because of social cognitive problems, this important field of energy saving has been long time neglected and marginalized." Panguan Jun said, reduce the indoor heat loss in winter, and block the summer outdoor heat to conduct to indoors. Energy-saving windows and doors play a key role.

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