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Silk Quilt Market

Posted by Melodyhome on August 08, 2013 05:59 PM

Phenomenon: difficult to tell the true and false of the silk quilt in the silk quilt market.

Looking at the silk quilt market, the so-called 100% mulberry silk quilts exist everywhere. Since manufactures are unwilling to specify Simian categories, so consumers, when purchasing, can do the true and false identification only through the small opening corner of the quilt.

silk quilt market1

Unfortunately, according to the City Consumers Association inspection, it does have a nominal filling 100% silk, but is only in a small amount of silk quilt openings. Other parts are polyester or viscose fiber quilt. This phenomenon is very common in the silk quilt market.

This type of fraud is also clumsy approach in the industry, but why companies are time-tested? Why they had never been exposed? Mr. Li told reporters that the answer is very simple. No matter how carful you see the small corner opening, you cannot see the inside.

silk quilt market2

Indeed, the reporter visited nearly 17 well-known textile brands and find that their silk opening is just about 13cm long. The shortest is just 8cm. You cannot see the opening of the filler.

Phenomenon: Silk quilt has many “functions”

“Make you beauty” and “have a good sleep”

In the silk quilt market, many manufactures say that it has many functions that can make you beauty and have a good sleep. They even say that silk quilt is a health medicine. It not only can relieve fatigue, but also can give you a sweet sleep.

silk quilt market3

Experts respond

Consumers need to be cautious about the rumor when buying quilt in the silk quilt market. Silk quilt do not have the beauty and anti-wrinkle effect. As for the "calm the nerves and help sleep well", Fu Lei said that this is nonsense.

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