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Rocking Bed Come Back to Our Life Again

Posted by Melodyhome on October 15, 2013 05:55 PM

I have adored rocking bed for 23 years. Yes, since my mother give birth to me. I was a  baby, my father always rocking me to sleep when my mother was not at home, rocking and singing as I grew older.

I grew up in a Chinese traditional village; our family was poor as mice, so when I was 2 years old I still sleep in my little rocking bed, and I happy about it. In that time, there is no money to buy lovely bed for children as people who live in city do. However, parents did not worry about it. They made the rocking bed a little bit larger than usual, so children can sleep and play in it when they 2or 3 year old. As a small child, I developed a better relationship with my little rocking bed. Sometimes I even thought that she is my best friend.  When my niece was born, she was the firstborn of my sister. My brother in law did not feel that same need to have a rocking bed for his new baby. But when my nephew came along, my dad insisted they need a rocking bed to raise his grandchildren right, and bought him a new rocking bed. I also have a lot of fun with rocking my nephew into sleep. When I play with my niece and nephew around the rocking bed I feel like my childhood is back, and I love that feeling.

Now, we have stylish and modern rocking bed for adults, which are well design and have lots of fun too. Not only woman like it, the man is also crazy about it.

Why? Why so many people love rocking bed even grown-up. I think they might like me missing all of the good stuff about childhood, and want to have a sweat dream like a baby.

Thank you to the great designer for creates this amazing rocking bed. Children like it and parents like it too.


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