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How to Remove Formaldehyde at Home

Posted by Melodyhome on August 02, 2013 10:00 AM

Indoor environmental pollution can be caused by many reasons. The main four aspects should be considered. First, bedroom design is reasonable; second, use environmentally-friendly materials; third, environmental conditions such as ventilation manufacturing; Fourth, furniture and accessories selection.

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Here are some suggestions of how to remove formaldehyde at home.

● The expert said that the most effective way of solving the indoor air pollution is ventilation. There should be more windows for ventilation and distribute the indoor air pollution.

The ventilation frequency is conducive to the dissemination and discharge of harmful substances. You’d better admit to the house after summer, for high temperature, high humidity; vacuum will speed up the dissemination of harmful substances.

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● greenery is the "scavenger" of the decoration pollution. We can put Spider plant indoors, aloe vera, Sansevieria and other plants, which can also reduce indoor concentrations of harmful substances. Also you can put some activated carbon that can be played on indoor harmful gas adsorption.

● For the newly renovated houses and newly purchased furniture, or when feeling bad indoor air quality, you need to ask the best qualified testing unit for testing.

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And determine the degree of pollution and major harmful ingredients according to test results, and then according to the specific circumstances of harmful substances to choose the appropriate methods to reduce or remove pollution.

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Jul 15,2013 17:37 PM
Spider plant, aloe vera and Sansevieria are the best green plant to remove formaldehyde i think.