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Despite Repeated Prohibitions of False Silk Quilt

Posted by Melodyhome on August 08, 2013 05:36 PM

Why the false silk quilt exists?

Why the false silk quilt still exists in the market? The huge profits and lack of standards are the greatest incentive reason. Recently, the Beijing Consumers Association had done a casual inspection for the 40 kinds of silk quilts in the market. Almost half of silk quilt was not reached the standard, even some famous brands.

What makes silk market fraud difficult to remove? Experts believe that, in addition to the reason that the consumers in the purchase are too passive. They feel difficult to distinguish the authenticity. But for the sellers, the profit and the lack of the mandatory standards are the key.

Consumers worry about the current situation of the silk quilt market

According to experts, according to the relevant national standards, the quilt should be marked with the standard fillers. There should be mixed filler explicitly. For example, 50% silk (filament cotton), 50% silk (the filament cotton).

Corporate response to the false silk quilt

In this regard, the Department official responded that they are sorry for that. She acknowledged that in the brand management and operation processes of making silk quilt does exist in other aspects of vulnerability. Things came to light, Bo Yang is also trying to make up, and want to re-sort for the process, and avoid similar problems.

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