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Brilliant Furniture Ideas for Pet Lovers

Posted by Melodyhome on October 31, 2014 02:38 PM

The design concept has to meet the human requirements and respect ecological environment as well as make our life simple but happy. 
                                                                  -----------Bjorn Blisse


Most people regard pets as family members. Therefore the products which connected with pets are more and more popular. However, they place which belong to themselves are seldom. Some just have a cage or a paper box. Maybe you would say that everywhere in the home is his place, no matter for sofa or beds. But this would waste you a lot of time to tidy and clean them. Why not add some furniture for pets only! Melody Home collects some pet furniture to intensify the space communication between the pet and the owner.

SeungjiMun, the Korean furniture designer, designs a new style dog house sofa. The bottom part of this love seat is made of American ash wood and matches with the weave pat. The right side has a unsymmetrical small space for pet house. This design shortens the distance between the human and pets, creating a harmonious atmosphere for the home.


The cat tunnel sofa designed by Seungji Mun who is another famous Korean designer. Pursue the biggest and the most important balance between the activity space of human and pets. Stress the sharing and interactive.  Play hide and seek with cat.


This is the pet space design called ZenHaus. The design combines the pet house and low desk, which is space saving and practical. The belly of the low desk has wide space as well as all round riser vents. Besides, ZenHaus has different height and color. You may choose and adjust it according to the size of the pet and the interior decorating color.


The luxurious pet table and bed set is called LLHabitat. It is designed by Huntsman Architectural Group for Petchitecture. Petchitecture is the pet welfare fund organization in California.


This pet dog bed is designed by LironTzanhany, which has the aesthetic characteristics of the Japanese minimalism.  You might say that it seem a mess, nothing to talk about aesthetic feeling. But the point l can be sure of is that your pet dog would love this kind of clutter.


 If your pet is not in big size and has not a suitable house, you may have a consideration for the corner cabinet. It is the same with any common cabinet. You may put it at a clean wall corner. Put some common used sundries. In fact, it is a hidden pet house. Open the wide door, it is a suitable bed prepared for the pet. The most impressive point is the small door. When a cat or dog pull up the door for a stretch, what a pleasant scene it is!
However, the experienced pet training professor told me that though this idea is good, there is a vital problem, that is, the smell. If you can solve this problem, it would be a perfect house for your pet. Anyway, the life experience is the source of design.

HundeHus is a pet bed, which the size is similar with the bed table. It is the masterpiece of Mads. Hunde Hus is the perfect home for the small dog or cat. It offers a seclude space and a comfortable small platform. 

Having viewed so many works, l cannot stop thinking that would pet furniture be a trend or light spot in the furniture. But one point l can be sure that the design is from life, which needs unique thinking as well as the illuminating ways of solving problem.


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