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Tantalizing and Eye-catching Banana Chair: Peeled and Eaten

Posted by Melodyhome on December 24, 2014 12:58 PM

Nothing is impossible as long as you can think of, so is the chair design. I have shown you a lot of great chair designs. They have all kind of shapes and sizes. There are chairs combining with the natural material. And you can find chairs with storage function. Even the chairs with hand printed faces are not creative enough to be called excellent ones. You may have a view for the more than 40 unique chair designs here. Today, I would show you another great and funny chair design------the banana chair, designed by the Wamhouse.

In fact, its real name given by the Wamhoue, a Poland design company, is Zjedzony Chair. You may be confused about that what does the Zjedzony means? Does it mean banana? The answer is negative! It means eaten in polish. From the name, you may be guided into thirsty wonders.

The appearance seems a huge banana. The color and style is very eye-catching. The whole chair just seems like a peeled banana and exposes fresh and delicious fruit pulp outside for you.

It uses the yellow peel as the armrests and the white banana pulp as the seating area. It is made by very soft and cozy material, which feels pretty good when you touch it. At the same time, it smartly combines the practicality and the functionality of the common chairs with its attractive shape, which makes the chair unique and eye-catching. Resting on this kind of chair can help you get rid of the tiredness. Seating on it and drink a cup of coffee as well as reading a favorite book, what a beautiful life!

What do you think of when you saw it at the first sight? For me, it makes me think of a well-organized bedroom with white walls and a little pop color and want to have a seat on it to experience it. Are your minds going crazy about the peeled and eaten? Though the shape makes you think of something, the design is not excessive but subtly humorous and funny.

As the unique banana shape, it makes the chair look weird in some degree. If you have this chair, where would be the proper position for it? Normally, for its white cushion and small size, it is usually put in private homes for seating and decorating. However, if you put it in public spaces, it would add a funny choice for the public atmosphere or the waiting area such as shopping malls or bathrooms.

Have you ever seen any creative furniture designs that make you unforgetable? If have, share what you have seen with us!


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Apr 07,2015 11:29 AM
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