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85 Most Popular Sofa Arrangements and Choices

Posted by Melodyhome on January 07, 2015 01:41 PM
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The living room is one of the most important rooms in homes. As well, Sofa is one of the most important furniture in home decoration. We often think about the color, material and decorating style when picking sofa. In fact, the placement and matching plays a very important role as well.   Therefore, if you want have a fresh look for your living room and home, this article is writing for you.

Face to face sofa arrangement

Setting the sofa seats face to face is one of the commonest ways to arrange sofa. in this way, people can seat together in a shared coffee table, which makes the communication easy and are equal to everyone.

Partition the space by the sofa

Especially for the small living room, the home space is not available for the separated living room and dining room at the same time. Meanwhile, to expand the space, we seldom use the hard decoration such as the solid wall to divide the space. For considering this, we often use the sofa to make the space function clear.

Seating groups for the sofa

Sometimes, the space is too narrow to serve well if put sofa bed or two to three seats sofa.  Besides, if you are the kind of people love single seats instead of sharing sets with others, you may consider the seating groups. It can make the space clean, in good order and independent.

Three seats sofa combine the sofa chair

This is the new trend for the sofa arrangement. For the modern decoration, many people use the long sofa and sofa chair together in the living room. For one aspect, it makes the space unique. For another aspect, it takes advantage of the furniture and the space. it is much convenient to move to somewhere else if you need them.

Place sofa in diagonals

Place the living room sofa diagonally can enlarge the space and gives the room some new feeling for the space. Meanwhile, place sofa in this way is good for creating the welcoming pathway atmosphere for the space.

Symmetrically arrange the sofa

For most of the business families often have meetings in the home, they often arrange their sofa symmetrically to make a balance for the each side and face to face communication is more convenient to discuss.

L shape arrangement

For the large living room, take advantage of the L shape arrangement for the sofa. To add more function and seats, you may add a sofa chair beside.

U shape arrangement for the sofa

U shape sofa arrangement for the sofa is a traditional kind. Place the long sofa with at least three seats in the bottom of the U and the two seats sofa and the bed sofa at the two sides.

Take advantage of the lounging sofa chair

For the living room, it is not only the space for welcoming the guests and charting. It is the space to entertain as well. Therefore, place a lounging sofa chair can make your living room more pleasurable and luxurious.

Set close to the fireplace

The fireplace is a focal point for the living room. Surrounding fireplace to place sofa can make people feel warm.

View focus arrangement for the sofa

Some people placing sofa do not follow the common rule. They arrange the sofa in a certain direction for guiding people to enjoy their particular view in their homes.

Reading nook created by sofa

For the book lovers, you can easily find reading nooks in their homes. it is often formed by the bookshelf, chairs, sofa chairs and sofa.

Extra bed by making full use of sofa

For the small homes, everything we consider should focus on the space, even for the bed. We know that there are sofa beds. Why not pick sofa bed for the living room if you do not extra bedrooms for your guests.


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