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30 Making Your Eyes Wide Open Bookshelf Designs

Posted by Melodyhome on October 29, 2014 03:01 PM

The emergence of books makes the human civilization a big step forward. Every knowledgeable master has study room. The most obvious character for this room is the bookshelf. The good designed bookshelf can improve the home taste. Of course, the original function for it is still to place books. For the people who have large amounts of books collection, they may care about the storage function. However, the artistic youth pursue a kind of feeling and individualism. To have a look these 30 creative  bookshelves, which will let you feed your sight on.

Have you ever thought of this kind of bookshelf that can serve as bench and writing desk at the same time? If you have this kind bookshelf, it can save you a lot of space and add art feeling for your home.

It seems a snow sample decorative article for appreciation. If you look it carefully, it is a beautiful bookshelf. it is suitable in modern style homes.

If you are a book lover, it is inevitably for you to be addicted in reading. For a long run, it is not good for your health. This design is the best for you. You see, you can read lying on the bookshelf. if you feel tired, you may have a short nap on it.

This is a level style bookshelf. Imagine that if the balance of the bookshelf is not maintained……..

Is it good or bad for the bookshelf which can be regarded as car and toys at the same time?

When you look at it, what are the ideas in your mind? A human head? If you are a child, you may say that this is the look when your parents or teacher order you to read. A humorous bookshelf! 

Only a small area, this bookshelf can contains large amounts of books. This design is very simple and clean. Anyway, can you speak out what the shape looks like?

If you have lots of books, this bookshelf is your cake. It can contain at least thousands of books. Meanwhile, you can put it everywhere, even on the staircase, which is space saving.

This is one of the decorative bookshelf, formed by letters.

This bookshelf is space saving and easy to find out books you wanted. Besides, you can round it to the place with fine natural light. That is to say, this bookshelf has no request to the light, for it can move to many places.

This is another design for the sake of convenience. You see, if you finish reading a book, it is very convenient for you to change other books. And it is easy to arrange it. Every book has its own position. At the same time, it is full of art feeling.

It is a decorative bookshelf. it not only serve as bookshelf, but also as light decoration.

We seldom use the space up the head. This design is very practical and space saving. L bet this is the simplest computer desk you ever met.

The tree style bookshelf gives the home an environmental protection feeling. It really responds to the call that tries to plant trees as many as possible.

The worm style bookshelf, you may put it on the wall or floors. it is space saving.

Make the read word into a bookshelf, which is very novel. From this design, it might give you some idea about creative design.

This is a bookshelf chair. Amazing, right?

It is a formula style bookshelf. When walk into the home, it might give you a mathematic feeling. 

It not only can put lots of books, but also can be regarded as an art work. You are easy to find the book that you want on this bookshelf.

It is similar with the closed bookshelf, similar shape with similar function. But it add the storage function at the bottom of the bookshelf.

The design idea is from the heartbeat line.

This bookshelf can be regarded as an art work and a bookshelf as well as the desk at the same time. It has so many functions. How it make it?

This bookshelf is suitable for all kinds of people, which is very practical.

It is designed for the young. It can stimulate their interest  for rading.

It is even can be designed at the door back. incredible!

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Apr 14,2016 09:40 AM
Dear sir / mam, I like the design black and white round shaped eight like book shelf (chinese style). What is price. How long it will take to deliver.. Thanks