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Excellent Quality Guarantee

Exquisite workmanship and detail oriented

Carrying the practical needs, furniture is also the carrier of art, creating the homely atmosphere of different tastes and showing the preferences of masters. Melody Home has a team of experienced technicians, high-leveled craftsmen, well-known designers and other competent talent. Meanwhile, joining up with international and domestic top furniture manufacturers, Melody Home has created the excellent quality furniture with precision manufacturing standard and superb craftsmanship. Based on these, Melody Home always keeps a leading position in the fierce market competition.

Taking the carving craft, finishing craft, and surface decoration as the examples:

Carving Craft

Melody Home is particularly rigorous for carving craft, from design, mapping to the making bricks, finishing and the last exquisite carving, which are all in implementation of strict standards. Melody Home just want to ensure every piece can bring the perfect artistic enjoyment to the customers.

Design and mapping – raw material becoming the rough blank

hollowing, thinning, and the level appearing

Making bricks – contour forming

Finishing and carving – creating a sense of depth and three-dimension for the furniture

Finishing craft

Furniture finishing process not only can ensure furniture durable, also add color to it. In accordance with the strict specification process, the full set of finishing craft can make sure all the furniture to be environmentally friendly, meanwhile to have high-end taste.

In order to set the industry benchmark in quality, Melody Home always adheres to the craft principle - Standard operation procedure, correct data certification. Comprehensive management system makes the quality of every product higher than the industry standard, which is highly recognized by the majority of customers and the insiders.

The objective and strict third party inspection

Product quality is the life of enterprise, Melody Home regard it as the most important prerequisite for the development of enterprises. As a large furniture e-commerce platform with annual sale of several millions of products, Melody Home is quite strict to the quality control.

Sticking to the attitude of responsible for the customer and the operation principal of "all for customer's satisfaction as the starting point", Melody Home furniture was formally founded in 2011.

Formulating strict quality testing standards, the PDD QC department gets involved in the production processes of the supplier, striving to objectively judge the each piece with fairness, impartiality and openness, and guarantee that the customers buy reliable furniture products. On top of that, QC department will send the furniture raw materials and finished products to the CNAS authorized lab for evaluation and testing. The public independent third party testing will ensure the product quality fundamentally and eliminate unqualified products coming into the hands of consumers from the source.

  • Independent paint room detection will guarantee each product to achieve environmental standards which is harmless to human health.
  • Pure manual wood carving detection is graved by craftsman.
  • Meticulous draw-silver detection for special part ensures all the details can achieve the perfect standard.
  • The carefully polish detection makes sure the best touch of carve craft.
  • Digital precision measurement guarantees the furniture to conform with safety standards.
  • The harsh requirements on KD packaging testing ensure product non-destructively sent to various point.