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Modern style living room footstool

Code: EN-KFY-AS-A291-JT
Material: Leather
Brand: Cofonia


Features: This modern style personalized footstool highlights the people oriented and home rooted idea, being the first choice for the youth who pursue the passion, personality and freedom.


Materials: fir wood + leather + plywood + density board

Main materials: fir wood frame, leather

Sub-materials: plywood, density board

Accessories: ordinary hardware

Related Tips

How to maintain: Furniture should be handled with care. Avoid the long time direct sunlight for not to cause the discoloration and yellowing. And keep the room clean, dry and ventilated.

Friendly tips: The product is taken in kind. Because different photography skills, lighting, display parameters and other issues, there may be certain kind of differences in the color between the pictures and the products. Please subject to the real object.


length: 1.0m

width: 0.7m

height: 0.38m

Dimensions: 1000*700*380mm

Space Required

Space reference: There should be about 6 square meters to present the effect in the picture.


Style: modern style

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