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Country style multi-function computer desk and bookcase combination

Code: EN-HFE-815#-DNT
Material: Panel + Solid Wood
Brand: Hanfeier


Features: Featuring simple design with different specifications of book lattices and drawers, the bookcase and desk are convenient to use, bringing you quiet and cozy leaning atmosphere.


How to maintain: Please wipe gently with damp cloth. When there is tough stain, use toothpaste or the 30% clean diluents to clean the furniture. Avoid acidic and alkaline chemicals to contact the surface directly.


Materials: solid oak+ pine+ high density fireboard

Main materials: pine (drawer side panel+ drawer front and back), oak (desk legs)

Sub-materials: high density fireboard (top panel, bottom panel, face panel, side panel, back panel, drawer face, desk shelf, drawer bottom)

Accessories: ordinary hardware

Related Tips

Friendly tips: You can put some beautiful ornaments to decorate the bookcase.


Length: 1.2m

Width: 0.59m

Height: 1.96m

Dimensions: 1200*590*1960mm

Space Required

Space reference: There should be about 8 square meters to present the effect in the picture.


Style: Country style

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