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Considerations to Buy Reception Desk for Your Office

Posted by Melodyhome on April 28, 2014 02:17 PM

The reception area plays a big role of your business. It will help to welcome your clients, potential clients, customers and customers. The look of the reception gives you the first impression of that office and the people there. So choosing a proper reception desk is really necessary. Here are some considerations for you to choose the best reception desk.

1. Desk aesthetics
The reception does not only have the reception desk. It has other pieces of furniture as well as décor pieces. Before buying the reception desk, consider how it will blend in with everything else in the room. Will they go well or will they clash? Buy a desk that can blend in well with all sorts of décor pieces but still look good if the room is plain. The beauty of the desk should be seen individually but still enhance everything else in the room.

2.Desk color

Unless you want to make a big statement about how young, fresh or modern your company is, it makes sense to stick to neutral colours for walls. Perhaps use reception furniture in a brighter accent colour, or use artwork to add interest. Whichever colour scheme you and your designer choose, it makes sense to choose colours which aren’t only in fashion, but reflect the image of your business. You might even want to include your corporate logo colours somewhere, even if it’s just in a bouquet of flowers on the reception desk.

3.Desk size
In order to get a proper reception size, you need to measure your office reception space before go shopping. Keep your reception desk in good proportion to your reception area for a balanced environment.

4.Desk comfort
The desk must also be comfortable enough for the employee. Sometimes the kind of job requires them to receive packages or loads of correspondence. That cannot be accomplished with just any desk. Some desks have a lower area for receiving packages.

5.Desk Storage space

Considering that the reception desk is the focal point of any office reception area, it should be presentably organised. Choose a desk with storage cabinets for filing, stationery and documents in order to keep the desktop clear of clutter. If the storage cabinets are not big enough, consider buying a separate storage cabinet. It is important for clients, suppliers and interviewees to see the transparent professionalism of your company.

Office furniture like office desks and reception desks are also available at online furniture stores. In fact, it gets much easier to shop in furniture website. You can browse through different designs at leisure, and select the best one that suit for your office and at the same time meet your requirement and budget.

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