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5 Types Of Interior Doors Perfect For Your Home

Posted by Melodyhome on April 27, 2014 06:34 PM

Now that you have decided to decorate your interiors, one thing you have to think about is your interior doors. What is an interior door? To put it simply, these ate the doors inside your house which do not provide access to the outside parts of your home.

When browsing through interior door choices, one thing you will realize is the fact that there are different types of interior doors that await you. Each of these interior door types have the characteristic that can impart the room you have with the right look. In addition to that, these serve different functions too. To help you choose which interior doors should be placed in the different rooms of your home, you must understand the different characteristics, uses and advantages that each interior door type has.

Panel Doors
Panel doors are are made out of wood or wood composites. Panel doors provide a classic look to any home. A lot of home owners love this because it provides full privacy to a room. There are also some types which feature solid cores that can provide sound control.

Bifold Doors
This type of doors is commonly used in pantries and closets. Doors like this are commonly made up of materials such as woods, glasses along with other materials. These doors are installed in pairs, which fold in one side. With the multi panel design that this type has, this door can easily fold back and can be removed out of the way in the event that a full pantry or access is needed. This is very advantageous in tight spaces.

Louver Doors
Louver doors feature fins. This is considered as a weak type of interior door and that is why this is used for drying rooms as well as wardrobe. Commonly made out of different types of wood such as maple, oak and the likes, this type of door is used because it provides good ventilation and at the same time, maintains privacy. In addition to that, the entry of light to the interior can be prevented with the use of this interior door type.

Sliding Doors
Also called as bypass door, this type of door is usually used in areas that have a wide opening. This door stands above the rest for the simple fact that this cannot be swung open. Instead, this has to be slide on track. The best advantage that this door type has is that it allows home owners to save space.

Glass Panel Doors
This type of doors looks very sophisticated and provides home owners a wide array of designs that they can choose from. These doors provide great flexibility since they can offer either full visibility or obscure transparency. In addition to this, this makes any room look a lot larger and permits in a lot of light that give off illumination.

Now that you have understood the difference and advantages that each type of interior door has, choosing the perfect door for your rooms will be a lot easier. Regardless of what type of interior door you have chosen, make sure that you work with a good house contractor since they can be able to give you valuable advice when it comes to matters like this.

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