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Try These DIYs When Playing with Kids

Posted by Melodyhome on January 14, 2015 02:48 PM
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In fact, every one of us is good at making things. We just do not know how to get start! Bottles, cardborad, wires are no money wasting items which are common materials for the craft making.  If you have kids, I bet you have gotten too many too small to wear clothes from your kids. Though they take up a lot of space, you hate to throw them away. If you are single, you should have several clothes that you do not want to wear them anymore. I am showing you a way to free them out and make full use of them. That is, to DIY some creative and amusing handcrafts. They can be regarded as home decoration as well! The The following is my way to do the craft. You can run your imagination and change the details.

Boxtroll crafts

Material needed: TP roll, glue, wire, plasticine, paper and water colors 

How to make your own boxtroll craft

1. Flatten the TP roll to a cuboid. And make nice creases on four sides.
2. As we have to squeeze wire through the both sides in the next steps, we need to cut off two of the four flaps (the neighboring two sides) and glue in the overlap part.
3. Cut two wires. One to form the legs and neck. Another to form the arms.
4. Cut six holes on the TP roll to feed the wires through. Two at the top for neck, two at the bottom for the legs and one on each side for the arms. Be careful! Do not tear the glue part open.
5. Once all the wires are in place, trim them down and start adding the body of the boxtroll through the plasticine.
6. Use the tools such as toothpick to make fingers, toes, and tooth etc. remember to make the fee flat to make sure that the boxtroll can stand up.
7. Add other details at will
8. Design the label for your boxtroll, according to your figure character. Cut a small piece of paper and label out his name or other letters that you like by the pencil or water color pencil.

DIY stuffed plush monster

Material needed:
old clothes or pants, sewing machine (if no, you can sew it by hand), filler, buttons (for eyes), white clothes (for the white eye part and tooth), cloth gum and other small stuff

How to make stuffed plush monster
Specific steps

1. Draw sketches

2. Look for your suitable old clothes. Use the favorite side for the front. 

3. Scissor out all the shapes according to the sketches. Then sew them together. Start with the hair and the front cloth, then the front cloth with the back cloth. Do not forget to leave a hole for the filler.

4. Estimate the position for the eyes and the tooth and gum them or sew them on the front cloth. When the gum dries, add the button.

5. Put the filler to the hole till the monster is round enough. Then sew the hole.

6. You can add or cut something with your imagination.

Bottle cap worm

Material needed:
bottle cap, paint or colorant, brush, wire, things for eyes and for wings, hot glue gun

How to DIY bottle cap worm
Specific steps

1, color the bottle cap for two to three times and paint the second time when it dries. If you do not have paint or colorant, the nail polish works as well.

2, this step needs your imagination. What stuff are the perfect things for the eyes and legs? And how many legs are you planning to add?

3, stick all these things on the bottle cap by the hot glue gun.

Artful Robot

Material needed:
cardboard, paint, glue, pen, widgets (screw, bottle cap, pull-tab)
Specific steps

1. Decide the size for your robot. Cut the proportional shapes for the head, body, arm and legs.

2. Paint them with the color that you want

3. When the paint dries, connect the legs and arms by the glue.

4. Monkey about the widgets. Put the widgets wherever you want and glue it on the cardboard.

5. At last, draw whatever you want on it. 

Which one do you like best? They are all with easy steps and simple materials. The next time, when you are with your kids, you may try these DIY with them. They will enjoy it and have fun!


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