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27 Shoe Storage Hacks That Can Save Your Time & Space

Posted by Melodyhome on January 10, 2015 02:34 PM
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People are always in a busy state when they are about to leave home and go to work, especially for the girls. Sometimes, they may take a lot of time to search for a particular shoes to match their clothes, which is time wasting. If your shoe cabinet designs to the following styles, it will take you less than 30 seconds to get out the shoes that you wanted. Meanwhile, it is convenient to change shoes when you go to the outside.

Try the lattice style shoe cabinet

The shoe cabinet with lattice can keep every pair of shoes in a separated space so that you can see it at a glance and the dust from the sole will not affect other shoes. The disadvantage is that it looks not so pretty and tidy as other ways.


Take advantage of the shoe racks

If you have space and less budgets, shoe racks are the easiest way to fetch and put. And the separated shoe rack is fantastic. It has different size and shape. Therefore, it is not hard at all to fins the one that fit your space. But it takes up a lot of space to put the shoe rack

Make full use of the storage container

The storage baskets such as baskets use the space to its full extension. In this way, you can put many shoes in the basket at one time. The storage container is more suitable for the slippers, sport shoes and other wear resistance shoes, for the too many shoes crowded in a container is a little troublesome to fetch. It is a good way to keep the out of season shoes.

Keep them in the shoe boxes

Do not throw away the shoe boxes when you buy new shoes. The shoe box is the easiest and most convenient way to store shoes. Put the shoes in the shoe boxes not only saves your box fee, but also can make full use of the box resources. You can put them anywhere that you can see. And it can prevent the dust and pollutions, which can keep the clean degree for the shoes. If you think it is inconvenient to recognize what the shoes are in a specific box, you may label every box with specific information such as color, heel.

Put the shoes on the wall

Putting shoes on the wall is a very good space saving idea. At the same time, it can do a lot of help to decorate the wall and add colors to the space.

Sort it by price

For the expensive shoes, you have to store them carefully. Put them in the sealed containers can prevent the dust and make the shoes looks new. And it prevents the air oxidation so that the shoes will not go yellowish.

Sort it by the category

For different category, there have different ways to keep it. For instance, the soft shoes such as slippers and sport shoes, you may gather them together in a certain container so that you can save more space for other shoes.

Store it by the season

Put the out of season shoes in deep places such as beneath the bed or above the closet. it not only spare more space for the seasonal shoes, but also keep them from dust and moister.

No matter for storage, spare space or the usage convenience, choose the right shoe cabinet matters most. Before deciding it, try to see more styles and samples! 


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