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39 Brilliant Home Decorating Tricks That Steal from the Pictures

Posted by Melodyhome on January 13, 2015 02:45 PM

The world “family” comes from the sentence: “father and mother I love you”, a very warm understanding. Indeed, if no love in a family, then it cannot be called as a family. For a full of love family, everything counts, no exception for the home decorating. Here are some home decorating tricks that might be helpful to decorate your home.

Color leaves the first impression for the guests

No matter what your home decorating is, the first thing comes to the guests’ mind is the color, and then comes to the decorating style and the eye catching items as well as the finish touches. Colors can be showed off in many different aspects such as the wall, the furniture, the fabrics, the flooring and the carpet. Color is the first consideration for you to design and pick any thing for your space. For colors, thefurniturerow.com suggests you try to color up your space by different and bright colors. In this way, it not only can make your space fresh and cool, but also make you and your guest feel cozy and unique.

Adequate lighting is a must for any space

Adequate lighting is indispensable for any space. Without it, the whole space would seem dark and cold. If you can guide the nature lighting into the space, that would be perfect. For more natural lighting, try to open the curtains at daylight or use the curtains with light color tones. If the natural lighting is not good enough, make full use of the interior lights to make the space light. Besides, the creative and unique design lights have the eye catching effect if you use it correctly.

Letters can be used to decorate the wall

For home decorating, we want to show off everything we have in the space. However, too much may get the reverse effect. To keep it simple and never go out of fashion, you may apply the letters into your space.

Floating shelf is popular in home decorating

No matter for storage or the home decorating reason, the floating shelves do a lot of help for every family. Not only for the small spaces, the floating shelves can make all the items in order so that the whole space would be tidier and clean.

Bring Plants and flowers to spaces

Plants and flowers not only can purify the air, but also can give people a fresh and clean feeling for the space. Meanwhile, the green gives us a refreshing look. Take advantage of it. You even can use plants and flower wall decals!

Creative shelf background wall

Look at the following pictures! How do you think of the shelf background wall? Quite different from the normal ones! It does not cost you too much, only some remaining wallpapers or paints.   You can get the totally different feeling for the space. Try this!

Use blackboard in spaces

If you have children in homes, the blackboard is a good stuff to be used for home decoration. It not only can add entertainment for the children and find place for learning and practice, but also can change views for your home every day. Even if you do not kid in homes, the blackboard has other functions.

Rack is a fashionable element

It is not strange to find racks in homes. Now, it is a fashionable element in home decorating. it adds a creative feeling and color to the space.


Pick furniture based on the home environment

Furniture matters in home decoration. Pick the right and suitable furniture is the key to make your space modern and never go out of fashion.

Arrange items creatively

Some common items can be different, unique and become a spot light in home decorating through creative arrangement. Try a creative way to decorate the space can reward you an outstanding home environment.


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