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35 Stunning Green Rooftop Gardens

Posted by Melodyhome on January 12, 2015 02:30 PM
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With the development of environmental protection concept, people start to bring green to everywhere, including the roof. The most common form for this is to build roof garden or rooftop farming. There are some people who plant vegetables and fruits on the roof, which not only make full use of the space, but also bring a greener and health life to them. But for most people, they prefer designing a green garden on the top. No matter how, the greener, the better!

Designing rooftop garden has multiple advantages. Not to mention the decorative effect, the roof planning can provide temperature control, architecture enhancement and the ecological benefits. There are data proving that the temperature in Tokyo could be lowered by 0.11–0.84 °C if 50% of all available rooftop space were planted with greenery. This means that a lot of money can be saved. Back to the reality, the green rooftop garden can off you space for rest, taking sunbath and feel the nature.

Since it is beneficial to set garden on the roof, we have to take advantage of it but not just spare it or for sporting reason. It is a nice combination of art and great taste, with a blend of excellent interior design with live plants and nature. The same with the flooring garden design, the rooftop garden design can be easy or complicated. It depends on what you want to do for there and what function you expect from there. 

Design for a greener environment To add more green to the environment, if possible, try making a rooftop grass and plants garden, which is terrific idea to make full use of the roof space and do something for the environmental protection.

Vegetable oriented roof gardenIf you think that only grass and flowers are not beneficial enough, you may farm on the roof. Self-glow vegetables and seasoning are much safer and balmier. At the same time, add green to the environment as well. If you are the kind of person who loves to grow things, this is a good idea.

Green garden with furniture The same with the backyard design, if you do not have a pretty and wide backyard, why not create one on the roof. Put some plants and flowers as well as leisure furniture on it. It does not need complicated designs. You can design it in your way. Add something to seat, put items and something to shield the rain. Seating or lying in greens is always an enjoyment.

Not all the rooftop gardens are high Even if you do not have the roof places, you may add green through the following ways.Any roof can be regarded as the empty space for adding more green.

Do you have the rooftop garden? If you have, do not hesitant to share with us! The world will be greener with your rooftop gardens!

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Sep 30,2015 21:50 PM
Beautifull Rooftop Garden Some day I would like to have the one of the picture on my rooftop Thank you for the picture sharing and I appreciate Yusi Thomas